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Published: June 16, 2017

This Paid Internship Leads to Employment and Management Training

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We get it: being an intern at a storage and moving company doesn't sound all that sexy. However, being accepted as a paid intern in a management training program for a growing, 117-year old, global logistics company begins to sound intriguing, doesn't it? We take all the stuff of life and business and get it from point A to point B. We move families, sports teams, offices and businesses, hospitals, hotels and more—across town, the country, and to anywhere on the globe. Our interns have a tremendous opportunity to get on a management track in an industry whose revenue exceeds $12 billion annually . You're not stuck doing data entry or filling out spreadsheets. You are given your own projects, legitimate responsibilities, and are provided the support to succeed.

While all this sounds pretty great for you business school graduates-to-be, this internship and industry is not for the faint of heart. You have got to be sufficiently self-motivated and disciplined to get the job done. You have to be willing to seek out the information you need, self-aware enough to know when you need help, and courageous enough to ask for it.


Everett Scott"I started out as one of Johnson's first paid interns back in the summer of 2014. I was majoring in Business with a focus in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Minnesota with one semester left. I knew I wanted to be in Colorado that summer. So, I reached out to my network," recalled Everett Scott, now a Relocation Consultant in our Longmont, CO location. "I had no idea how fantastic the program would end up being. Summer is a busy time in the moving industry so I got to be a pinch-hitter, helping out across multiple departments while being exposed to various business units and roles. I was given the responsibility and autonomy to work on a real project that had actual consequences. The great thing is that they let me make decisions—and, as long as I could explain my rationale, they let me run with it."


Don HindmanDon Hindman, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, said, "Everett's been with us full-time since he graduated in 2014. Most recently, he moved from operations to safety and is now learning the ropes in sales. Because he's new to the industry, he brings a fresh perspective and great ideas to the table. We're looking forward to his continued contributions as we grow."

But Do You Have the Chops?

We're seeking candidates who are:

  • Between their junior and senior year at a 4-year college
  • Studying Business, Logistics, Operations or related fields
  • Self-starter with discipline
  • Team player

If selected, you'll get:

  • To rotate through all functional areas of the business
  • To learn about the logistics industry
  • Fast tracked to full time employment after graduation
  • The opportunity to become a manager and develop leadership skills

If you think you have the skills and credentials to become one of our paid interns at our Centennial, CO headquarters, send your résumé, cover letter, and the contact information for three (3) references to our Hiring Department at careers@johnson-united.com.

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