Moving Trends:
What Are Those Millennials Up To?

There was a time, not too long ago, that kids couldn’t wait to get their drivers’ license, their first car, their own place—each event perceived as an important milestone on the journey to adulthood and independence. As in so many other ways, millennials are turning these types of traditional concepts on their head. They do things differently.

Millennials (aged 18-35 years old) number around 80 million in the U.S. in 2016, making them the largest, living generation. In 1981, some 8% of early Boomers were still living in their parent’s home. Fast forward to 2016: 15% of older millennials (25-35 years old) are living with their folks—and are staying put longer. They are not buying their first home. They are not living with romantic partners. They do not yet have children either. Studies suggest that the Great Recession weighed heavily on the ability of Millennials to leave home.

Just because more Americans than ever are staying put doesn’t mean people aren’t moving. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 43 million Americans are moving each year. That’s 17% of the population. Where are they headed? Forbes reported this past summer that they’re headed to Austin, TX (with Jacksonville, FL and Las Vegas, NV rounding out the top three). What makes these locations attractive? Job opportunity combined with low cost of living and more temperate climates makes for a high quality of life for residents who are leaving the New York, Detroit and Chicago areas.

That said, those millennials who are on the move are headed to urban centers and mostly up-and-down the Eastern seaboard from Virginia Beach, VA up to New York, NY.

Whether you’re fleeing the cold or determined to make it there (you know, in New York), hiring a moving company may be the way to go—depending on your budget and schedule. Consumer Affairs has a great overview of your options.